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Post Merger Integration -  PMI

The success of a merger depends on several pillars and cannot be taken for granted easily. Once the Due Diligence has been passed and the negotiations have reached the Signing agreement, the official Post Merger Integration (PMI) is typically launched. PMI projects have therefore the honor and burden to be the most critical part that decides over success or failure.

We tend to slightly disagree with that traditional philosophy. For us PMI needs to start much earlier to ensure a successful merger and a smooth integration. Before the deal partners start the negotiations the 1st PMI steps should be launched. The 1st step is to define the deal philosophy -   strategic and financial targets of the merger. Based on the targets DD and PMI phase will shift into completely different directions. Therefore it is essential to include the PMI core team in the early phase. During the DD the 2nd PMI phase is launched. Examples are prioritization of merger & carve-out projects, first high-level organizational and IT target pictures and quick wins. The 3rd PMI phase starts right after Signing. It is structured to verify first assumptions and officially start PMI. Depending on the transition this phase typically has 3 time sections (short-, medium- and long-term). PMI needs to cope with different questions starting from organizational changes, locations, IT harmonization, process adaptions, communication to employees, clients and partners, etc. For us each PMI section has 3 core levels: People, Processes/ Systems and Business Integration. All of them need to be fully understood and adapted where needed to ensure a successful merger.

Our Senior IT Advisors focus on PMI level 2 "Processes/ Systems". We help you define target scenarios, reach savings goals by adapting processes and managing the required IT changes.


Added Value: 

  • Experienced in Mergers, Carve-Outs and Outsourcing & Offshoring Scenarios across different sectors
  • Merger experienced sparing-partner for the management teams
  • Development of risk-adjusted merger strategies based on industry- and company-specifics, combined with our experience in strategy consulting and as operational IT managers 
  • Improved PMI Risk and Program Management 
  • Identification of further opportunities for cost savings and synergies among the partners


Our clients:

  • Buy-Side Private Equity funds
  • Buy-Side Corporations
  • Sell-Side Corporations

Post Merger Integration - PMI

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