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Business Transformation

Business Transformations are often, but not necessarily linked to M&A transactions. 

Shorter product cycles and local market specifics require constant reviews of business setup, combined with product and service portfolios. As a result, business lines are being carved-out or merged with other departments. Those organizational and operational assessments with the subsequent transformations represent large investments and business risks. First of all they reflect critical projects that in case of failure have the potential to loose talent and market-share.

To mitigate the operational and financial risks experienced Senior Program Management Teams are required who break-down the complexity in smaller streams and apply a strict Risk Management approach.

Technology as the backbone of processes, product offering and client interaction plays a vital role in transformations. Due to it's nature and complexity it requires specific tools and a dedicated transformation management approach. Our experts are specialized on the IT side of Business Transformations. They are experienced and well-equipped to detect and master upcoming hurdles early on. Jointly with your Business and IT teams we form task-forces to analyze and plan the required changes.

Next to program management we add where needed our technology strategy experts who assist to define the short- to medium-term roadmap. In addition we are also asked to assist at large RFP and system selection processes. Our goal is to assist you in delivering a successful IT transformation that strengthens the organization and retains the top talent


Added Value:

  • Alignment of Business and IT Strategy
  • Experienced Senior Technology Program Managers
  • International Experience gained from projects in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia
  • Vendor-independent unbiased assessments
  • Strict progress tracking
  • Robust Risk Management expertise


Our clients:

  • Private Equity funds for their portfolio companies
  • Institutions in sectors: Investment Banking, Financial Services, TMT, High-Tech, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Public Service 

Business Transformation

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