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IT Program Management

Technology is at the core of today's corporate world. Many processes require highly optimized software solutions. Essential benefits come with a strong dependency on highly available and complex IT products.

What we've seen over the past years is that the role of IT in Business Transformations is often underestimated, resulting in business disruptions and projects failing to reach their time, cost and quality targetsOur goal is to best possibly support your transformation teams and ensure technology can act as the strong partner and enabler.

Next to business transformations we focus our IT advisory on two selected fields. First we partner with you on IT Outsourcing and Offshoring (O&O) projects. In the past we have encountered many scenarios where the O&O strategy and Shared Service Centers are struggling due to various reasons. Here we partner you with our experts to jointly assess the status quo and define the way forward to ensure a successful O&O implementation is achieved.

Second we offer our experience in the Capital Markets IT world. Via direct interaction between the Front Office (F/O) trading teams and their IT counterparts we assist you with Senior IT Program Management experience. We focus our support on Trading Technology and Regulatory Reporting Projects.


Our competencies:

Senior Advisors experienced in IT Transformations, IT Outsourcing and Offshoring and Capital Markets IT Projects focusing on Trading Systems and Regulatory Reporting


Our clients:

  • Private Equity Funds for their portfolio companies
  • Hedge Funds
  • Banks
  • Institutions in sectors: Financial Services, TMT, High-Tech, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Public Service 

Business Transformations

Our technology executives join your transformation teams - focusing on IT transformations, carve outs and system implementations


IT Outsourcing & Offshoring

Our IT Outsourcing & Offshoring experts join your IT Management and Corp. Dev. teams - focusing on O&O strategy, review and ramp-up.


IT Projects - Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets IT experts support your Business & IT Management - specialized on Trading Systems and Regulatory Reporting projects.


Advisory Areas - ​IT Program Management:


Business Transformations

  • Manage IT Programs and sub-projects linked to Business Transformations
  • Develop IT Strategy and Roadmap for new departments
  • Review IT Vendor and Partner Management
  • Manage large system selections and implementations

IT Outsourcing & Offshoring (O&O)

  • Conduct independent assessments of O&O projects and status quo
  • Review O&O strategy and ramp up plan
  • Plan and define O&O strategy
  • Manage O&O projects, subprojects and work streams

IT Projects - Capital Markets

  • Manage upgrades of major FX, MM and Fixed Income Trading & Risk Management Systems
  • Support implementations and consolidations of Trading & Risk Management Systems
  • Conduct Project Management for New Product rollouts
  • Perform Project Management and Business Analysis for Regulatory Reporting driven projects 


How to find us

Hartmann - M&A and IT Advisory
Laupendahler Hoehe 162 
45219 Essen - GERMANY

How to contact us

Phone: +49-2054-969-8408

E-mail: info@itduediligence.org

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