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Efficiency Improvements

Efficiency Improvement and Operational Excellence programs are more relevant than ever. Shrinking margins, constant optimization approaches of competitors and shorter product cycles require ongoing efforts to resolve bottlenecks and reduce operational expenditures.

Especially around M&A transactions past and planned efficiency improvements are a crucial topic.

First, past efforts are being analyzed during the Due Diligence (DD) to evaluate efficiency levels and the management team's skills to keep costs under control. Second, further opportunities for cost reductions and synergies need to be identified and assessed. Those details contribute to the merger's business case since they indicate possible future run-rate reductions.

Especially during the DD phase it's essential to set realistic goals and capture the right projects and priorities. Our IT teams are experienced both in short-term DDs and long-term Efficiency Improvements programs. Therefore we are best prepared to support you in setting realistic goals and expectations for your projects.

Next to the DD and OPEX experience the participation of your employees via structured programs is essential. They know their company best and therefore can point to shortfalls and costs that are too high. We engage them and structure projects where the realize financial benefits from savings derived from their suggestions. 

The same benefits and approach can be applied in preparation or outside of an M&A scenario. Via our independent outside-in health-checks we perform a SWOT analysis that can be used for Strategy Refinements and Operational Excellence programs. In addition we are specialized in optimizing the IT Sourcing Strategy. We support you in identifying the right partners, conducting RFPs and directly reducing the sourcing costs for IT Hardware, Software and Mobile Devices.


Added Value:

  • Proven approach to identify workflows and IT solutions operating at too high cost levels
  • Review of service models and benchmarking against (sector) best practice
  • Assessment of Location Strategy
  • Review of IT Sourcing  
  • Analysis of Service Strategy (Internal vs. External, Onshore vs. Near- and Offshore) 
  • Assessment of Sourcing & Vendor Management processes
  • Implementation of BPO concepts linked to employee innovation programs
  • Review of past efficiency improvements programs
  • Progress tracking 
  • 100-day and 1-year plan for merger integrations
  • Reduced IT Sourcing costs


Our clients:

  • Buy-Side Private Equity funds
  • Buy-Side and Sell-Side Corporations

Efficiency Improvements & Operational Excellence (OPEX) 

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