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IT Due Diligence & Health Checks

The majority of today's M&A transactions still focuses it's Due Diligence (DD) assessments on commercial figures. The IT side is often, if at all, only covered rudimentarily. This approach causes major financial and business risks for many mergers resulting in large deviations from the business case forecast. Possible reasons are that IT related merger costs and efforts are underestimated and savings potentials not yet correctly identified.

Today, technology represents the backbone of business processes in many industries. Moreover, due to its complexity and nature it reflects a high percentage of the workforce and operational expenditure. 

For above reasons a dedicated IT Due Diligence Process should be part of your M&A transactions. Our IT Due Diligence is targeted to assess the status quo: E.g. identify upcoming risks and necessary investments, shortfalls of the architecture and service structure, benchmark of the cost levels, potential opportunities to utilize products of one company for the group, analyze the IT strategy and major projects, assess capabilities of the management team, analyze the current Outsourcing & Offshoring and Vendor Management approach, etc.

The same benefits and approach can be applied in preparation for, or independent from an M&A transaction. Via our vendor-neutral outside-in health-checks we perform a SWOT analysis used for Strategy Refinements and Operational Excellence programs.


Added Value:

  • Identified measures and projects for improvement to be targeted early-on
  • Improved Merger (Risk) Management due to earlier detection of risks
  • Higher visibility of status quo in IT and Shared Service Centers
  • Faster PMI planning and actual launch 
  • Higher information accuracy leading to a reduced risk to deviate from the business plan 
  • 100-day plan


Our clients:

  • Buy-Side Private Equity funds
  • Buy-Side Corporations
  • Consulting firms performing Vendor or Commercial Due Diligence assessments that seek to strengthen their teams with IT DD experts

IT Due Diligence & Health Checks

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