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IT Outsourcing & Offshoring

The majority of today's companies operating globally are to a certain extend using Shared Service Centers. The aspired benefits for that operating model (fully owned, as JV or via third party vendors) are realization of economies of scale and the focus on the core business. Global competition and efficiency optimization cause shrinking margins that require such a lean setup.

While the high utilization of Outsourcing & Offshoring (O&O) services indicates a great success story, a closer look reveals often several significant issues at many companies. Those issues can have different root causes (i.e. wrong partner, outdated location and service strategy, lack of enforcement to use shared service centers for projects and production, lack of ramp-up strategy, missing or wrong incentives for both partners, etc.). 

Once a decision pro O&O has been made it's essential to involve experienced advisors to define the strategy, select the operating model, identify the partners, agree on acceptor handshakes and ramp-up model to avoid critical pitfalls. Without those and regular O&O strategy reviews and refinements many O&O concepts can cause business disruption and fail to create the planned financial savings.

Our team of Senior Advisors focuses on IT Outsourcing & Offshoring projects. We are involved in independent assessments of existing O&O strategies and turnarounds of struggling O&O concepts. Furthermore we can be contacted for initial O&O strategy studies.

Our goal is to assist you in making your individual O&O strategy a success case - thereby strengthening your core business.


Added Value:

  • Vendor and company-independent assessments of the status quo
  • SWOT analysis of Shared Service Centers and Centers of Excellence
  • Reduced risk for pitfalls and hurdles that put the O&O benefits at risk
  • Review of the ramp-up and service model
  • Co-development of a (revised) implementation strategy
  • Experienced Vendor and IT Managers


Our clients:

  • Private Equity Funds for their portfolio companies
  • Institutions in sectors: Investment Banking, Financial Services, TMT, High-Tech, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Public Service 

IT Outsourcing & Offshoring (O&O)


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