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IT Sourcing

IT Sourcing requires a deep knowledge around the Hardware/ Software Market, best Sourcing Partners, alternative products combined with Sourcing Strategies. It is often not considered a priority, not optimized resulting in significant Savings Options for the Annual IT Budget. Therefore it’s a Focus Area during the IT Assessments/ IT Due Diligence. For example the costs per device and vendor contracts as well as RFP setups and Partner Networks are being analyzed against benchmarks, actual business needs and alternatives.

Overall goal is to identify best possible prices via competitve RFPs, alternate makers/ models with excellent price/quality ratios.

Our IT Sourcing Experts together with our network of Brokers, OEMs and OEM partners are best prepared to support you in securing most competitive prices and identifying makers/ models with an excellent price/value ratio.

Our IT Sourcing Network is specialized in: Laptop and Desktop PCs, Printers, Tablet PC & Smartphones, Data/ Voice Contracts, Software.


Added Value:

  • Vendor independent advisory

  • Proven approach to reduce IT Hardware Sourcing costs significantly - Examples of realized savings:

    • Laptop PCs: Up to ~65%

    • Desktop PCs: Up to ~46%

    • Tablet PCs: Up to ~47%

    • Smartphones: Up to ~84%

    • Standard Office Printers: Up to  ~58%

    • Large MFD Printers: Up to ~67%

  • RFP Support

  • Access to hardware test labs

  • Phone (Landline and Mobile) contract assessment & optimization

  • High Return on Investments


Our Clients:

  • Mid-Size/Large Corporations

  • Private Equity Funds

IT Sourcing

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